Foundations of Gospel Health Evangelism

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Janelle Louis, ND

Validity Period: 365 days


Why this course?



Foundations of Gospel Health Evangelism is an 11-week, online, health coach certification course that fosters an understanding of the call to gospel health evangelism and the various methods of engaging with health coaching clients as a part of that work. In this course, students will learn, explore, and utilize the C.A.R.E. Technique™ in order to effectively conduct health coaching sessions. The C.A.R.E. Technique™  is an easy-to-learn and extremely effective method of both conducting and documenting oral wellness interviews with lifestyle clients, as well as leading them on a journey towards optimal integrated health. In addition to learning the C.A.R.E. Technique™, students will also learn:

  • the components of a medical interview,
  • how to effectively inspire change within their clients,
  • how to retain and follow up with clients throughout their journey to wellness,
  • how to locate evidence-based therapeutic interventions,
  • the legal aspect of health coaching,
  • how to teach health principles in various forums,
  • when to refer clients back to their primary care doctors or to the emergency department,
  • and more.

Students retain access to the course for one year from the date of enrollment. 

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand the legal and ethical issues surrounding the practice of gospel health evangelism
  • Understand the importance of practically integrating the gospel and the health work
  • Understand the laws of health and the role that natural law plays in the acquisition, prevention, and reversal of disease
  • Be able to effectively prepare for encounters with new clients by completing a standardized “new client work-up”
  • Be able to professionally conduct a completely oral lifestyle consultation using the C.A.R.E. Technique
  • Be able to properly document your encounters with clients in the format of a C.A.R.E. note
  • Be able to evaluate a client’s willingness to incorporate lifestyle changes and frame conversations in the way that is most calculated to inspire change
  • Know how to locate evidence-based research on natural therapeutics and how to find out which supplements and herbs are effective for specific conditions and which are ineffective
  • Be able to compose and negotiate an individualized, evidence-based wellness plan that is in harmony with God’s method of healing for each client
  • Be able to compose and conduct professional and effective health talks
  • Be prepared to meet the most commonly-presented challenges in the work of lifestyle consultations and other forms of gospel health evangelism
  • Know when to refer coaching clients back to their primary care physicians as well as when it is best to encourage them to go to the Emergency Room
  • Understand the prophetic reach of the work of integrated gospel health evangelism and the importance of Bible work training for every medical missionary


Course Curriculum

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Dr. Louis has been so helpful to me in preparation for my surgery. Perhaps the most impressive point of my working with her is her balance of knowledge on both traditional medicine and its effects along with natural remedies. Her understanding of disease, its causes, methods of prevention and cure, are exceptional. I highly recommend as I see her work as a fulfillment of Gods counsel in relation to medical missionary work.

— Dwayne L.

[I was benefited by] the delineation of specific steps to take in evaluating and assisting a client (i.e. the C.A.R.E. method) along with instruction and pointers on how to do research regarding a client’s complaints... I would recommend [the Foundations of Gospel Health Evangelism course] because it emphasized systematic thoroughness, carefulness and documentation which should be essential when dealing with a human with a health problem. Also, importantly it assisted the student to develop analyzing and reasoning skills while thinking of the client as a whole, integrated being so as to include the mind/emotion, body, spiritual and social. The course emphasized the core reason for the work of the [gospel health evangelist], being the well-being of the soul.

— Valerie R.

“Learning how to approach [gospel health evangelism] in 2020 in a responsible fashion was invaluable. Identifying scholarly backed rational remedies was invaluable, along with dosages etc… I believe this course lays the important foundation of how to approach working responsibly as a health coach or gospel health evangelist in 2020. You [may] know how to make a poultice, but what are the legal limitations placed on you as a gospel health evangelist? This is why I have recommended this course to my church.”

— Gordon M.